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Shift the conversation, break the paradigms and release the potential within your organisation. Let us help you discover quite how brilliant you are as we take you on a journey of surprising self discovery that can only lead in one direction. UPWARDS!

Mel and Kylie are catalysts of change.  They make SHIFT happen.  Their workshops, coaching  and programmes are created to achieve your vision and purpose through enabling the kind of culture that you dream about having. Coaching, NLP, innovation are at the heart of their work. 

                 “Mel has been supporting our                           business with a transformational change programme and has been instrumental in helping us modernise our leadership approach in support of our overall business plan.

As a privately owned business with over 100 years of history, we were careful to select a partner that we felt would be sensitive to our heritage while challenging us to push boundaries and Mel has achieved both throughout.


The leaders in our business are now far better equipped to take the business forward in uncertain times, while ensuring that our values-led philosophy remains at the heart of the business. Mel did a great job of stretching our teams while providing the necessary support and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone contemplating a similar journey.”

Ian Northen,

CEO, Ridgeons

                 “Kylie has worked in the capacity of a coach to me when I was going through the partner selection process at Deloitte.  Kylie provided valuable advice about how to create and maintain a positive attitude as well as being able to change behaviours that has made me a far more effective professional. Her advice contributed greatly to my success in the partner selection process. I would recommend Kylie as a coach.

Colin Farquar, Partner

Deloitte UK LLP

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