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This group coaching programme is most commonly delivered to ‘intact’ senior leadership teams and supports the individual leaders who are going through the SHIFT2transform programme. It comprises, at its core, of four, quarterly, two day offsite sessions focused on the four lenses of senior leadership attention. It can also be supplemented with onsite shadow coaching.

Client Story

"In our firm, culture is our single greatest source of competitive advantage.  It’s how we attract and engage the best people; and it’s how they attract and delight great clients.  We’ve always known that it starts with leadership, and Mel and Kylie have helped us deepen our understanding and accelerate and fuel our leadership impact.  We’ve come to understand that twenty first century leadership is about accepting that we can’t possibly have all the answers, and that our role is to inspire everyone around us, at every level, to stretch, to grow, and to contribute their thinking.  And when we do this magic happens – for everyone!   Our firm has been recognized as a top employer and the highest ranked professional services firm in our country for the last ten consecutive years.   We are focused on our purpose, and we are building a highly successful business. Kylie and Mel have impacted our firm in profoundly important ways.  They don’t just change organizations, they change lives."

Sharon, Chief People & Culture Officer, Canada

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