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VIKASA - Embodying the SHIFT

Through our lives we learn and grow through our four leadership wisdoms. In year three the one to one coaching programme focus is self-mastery. The goal is to enable the four, now well understood wisdoms, to shine through in all aspects of a leaders leadership and life, from the visionary, strategic to the tactical and day to day operations so they are ‘Playing Big’ and making a tangible and positive difference in the world at every level of the system and in their day to day interactions.

Client Story

"SHIFT unlimited have been an amazing support for me both personally and professionally. The coaching has helped me articulate my purpose or my ‘why’ which has become my guiding light in how I choose to respond to  life events. Through our ongoing coaching sessions, I have discovered that what keeps me resilient is being grounded in who I am, what my values and strengths are and what I truly want out of life. This understanding has infiltrated not only how I show up as a leader with my work colleagues but also how I show up in my personal life with family and friends. For this I will be forever grateful.”

Sandra, Regional Managing Partner, Canada

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