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Leadership Retreat

Many leaders are searching for something elusive to enable them to really fulfil their true potential and make a difference in the world. They kind of know what it is as it is hidden deep inside of them and yet it is elusive and slightly out of reach. This unique leadership retreat run over four days gives leaders time and space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a safe environment to push their boundaries, challenge their assumptions and unconscious biases and explore some deeply provocative questions about who they are, the impact they are having, and the life of their dreams. At SHIFT we believe your potential is unlimited.  That's why we call ourselves SHIFT unlimited.  We believe to be truly authentic, happy and healthy we need to develop our wisdom in six areas. This retreat strips away distraction and sheds layers as leaders work on all of the above in a power creating way.


Client Story

"The 3 days flew by. Eleven of us achieved more in that time than we would have done in weeks if left to our own devices. Furthermore, we got to know each other to another level. Our new senior appointments are now in place, we have developed a strategy, and have a more questioning style of leadership than before. We are particularly pleased with how meetings are now conducted following our retreats."

Darren, Commercial Director, United Kingdom

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